A Group Of Medical Cannabis Companies In Texas Are Subsidizing The High Cost Of CBD For Patients

Compassionate Cultivation and Nox Medical have donated $5000 each to a local charity

Epilepsy patients in Texas are having great success with CBD for treating seizures, but there’s a catch. The cost of the drugs are high and often not covered by insurance, so local businesses are stepping up to create a compassionate patient assistance program.

Epilepsy patients in Texas like Jordan Herrera used to have to take dangerous anti-convolution medications. But now, she has access to cannabis-derived medications such as CBD, a substance Jordan’s mother, Janet, says has worked wonders for her. “It’s still trial and error,” Janet told powr. “But the CBD-oil, I can tell you, hands down, has done really good things for her.”

However, there is a downside. Jordan’s new medications are not covered by insurance, and this has caused some financial stress for Janet.


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