Alaska Cannabis Regulators Again Delay Discussion Of Onsite Use

This is the second such delay this year

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska regulators have delayed until August discussion of proposed rules for allowing onsite consumption of marijuana at certain shops.

This is the second such delay this year. The previous delay followed the loss of a Marijuana Control Board member.

The board is at full strength. However, the new member, Jeff Ankerfelt, did not attend this week’s meetings in Anchorage. Ankerfelt had said he would miss them to attend his daughter’s college graduation in California.

Regulators have gone back and forth on onsite use, adopting rules in late 2015 to allow people to use marijuana at certain stores but never finalizing how that would work.

Between now and August, two board members plan to work on possible changes to the draft following passage of legislation that would place restrictions on smoking.

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