California Regulators Send Cease Order To 954 Businesses

A first step in a long effort to ensure the industry is fully regulated

Nearly 1,000 individual cannabis businesses have been sent cease-and-desist letters or emails by California regulators during an ongoing enforcement process, a first step in a long effort to ensure the state’s industry is fully regulated and operating like those in more mature markets.

According to a list obtained by Marijuana Business Daily, as of April 4, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) had sent cease-and-desist letters or emails to at least 954 businesses that the agency identified as potentially operating without full legal permission.

The list provides insight into the locations of many of the marijuana companies that are either flaunting California’s new regulated market or simply having a difficult time obtaining local permits — but a lot remains unknown about the state’s gray- and black-market activity.

The vast majority of the cease-and-desist letters — 64 percent of those with some sort of listed address — are in the Los Angeles metro area. The number of letters targeting businesses in L.A. and its surrounding municipalities is 393.

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