Coastal Farmers Are Stacking Hundreds Of Cannabis Licenses — What That Means For Sacramento Cultivators

Some operations are doubling or tripling in size in the last two months alone

Two months ago, the Business Journal reported that a handful of cannabis cultivators — mostly along the central and northern coast of California — had taken out multiple cultivation licenses intended for “small” operations in order to run large cannabis farms.

These operations have continued to grow — some more than doubling or tripling in size in the last two months alone. The grower with the largest state-licensed cannabis operation, located in Santa Barbara County, has amassed more than 100 licenses. By comparison, the cultivators with the most licenses in the city of Sacramento — which is limited to indoor cultivation — have three.

“Overall, these large-scale facilities have the potential to quickly drive down the price of cannabis,” said Joe Devlin, Sacramento’s chief of cannabis policy and enforcement.

For smaller Sacramento growers, that could mean loss of market share and profitability.


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