Congressional Budget Passes With Marijuana Protections In Place

The bill was passed in late session at the last minute

With another government shutdown averted, members of Congress have been scrambling to craft a budget deal that both sides of the aisle can agree to.  As of Wednesday, the language of the temporary budget deal has been crafted, and it was just a matter of Congress voting on it and the president signing the bill.  The bill creates a 1.3-trillion-dollar budget and will prevent another government shutdown from occurring until at least September.

The bill was passed in late session at the last minute and includes numerous items, but one, in particular, is of note to the cannabis industry: the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment.  This amendment bars the Department of Justice and its agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, from using their funds to undermine or interfere with legal medical marijuana programs.  However, it does not offer any protections for adult recreational use programs.

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