Current Oklahoma Patient-To-Dispensary Ratio Is 12:1 As Health Department Gets $5 million In Licensing Fees

Commercial applications cost $2,500, regardless of type

If all 600 submitted retail license applications are approved and each business manages to open its doors, the ratio of medical marijuana patients to dispensaries in Oklahoma would be about 12 to 1.

Although those numbers could signal the start of a competitive marketplace that enjoys light regulations, industry figureheads differ on whether a de facto free-for-all landscape is good in the long run.

“We need to be careful about how our market evolves,” said Bud Scott, director of the trade group New Health Solutions Oklahoma. “But this is what the people voted for and our Legislature decided not to take any real actions to implement control we’ve seen in other markets, so now here we are. It’s kind of survival of the fittest to see who makes it and who doesn’t.”



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