Don’t Call it a Dispensary, Why Michigan Takes Marijuana Semantics Seriously

There are also several other terms banned by the state

The state of Michigan in mid-June 2018 announced the word “dispensary” would be banned from any advertising by stores that sell cannabis, along with 15 other terms that often appear in advertising.

Instead, the shops will be labeled “Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center” or “provisioning center,” according to a June 11 announcement from the state’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department.

Other terms that are banned by the state agency include: “apothecary,” “drug store,” “pharmacy,” “prescription,” and “medicine store” among others.

Advocates for safe access to cannabis as medicine said the announcement could create confusion for patients, though state representatives said the announcement didn’t mark a change in policy.

“It’s not really a change,” said David Harns, the spokesman for Michigan’s Bureau for Medical Marijuana Regulation within the state’s licensing department.


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