Leaf Guru Launches As Online Dispensary And Consumer Information Guide For Canada

Leaf Guru hopes to clear the confusion for consumers on Canadian cannabis

Leaf Guru Inc. is embracing this crucial time in the weeks leading up to legalization, to emerge as the premier resource for the legal cannabis industry in Canada. Just launched, the Leaf Guru online platform is the go-to for everything Canadian cannabis, from the laws in your province, to what, where and how to purchase legal cannabis when it becomes available.

It can’t be denied that there’s been a great deal of confusion about how legal cannabis in Canada will unfold, and how it will affect the lives of those involved in the industry and the everyday Canadian citizen. There still remains a fog around legal cannabis in Canada, and Leaf Guru has taken up the task of clearing the smoke around it for citizens and industry professionals alike.

Leaf Guru will help Canadians know where they can buy, what they can purchase and how much they can purchase via an interactive guide to cannabis retail storefronts and online marketplaces. It will also feature relevant news about the Canadian industry, strain and store reviews, and resources that will answer some important questions for new and seasoned cannabis users with a complete list of all available strains and the breakdown of the main components of the plant such as THC and CBD levels.

“The months leading up to each provinces implementation of the legal market provide an opportunity for all Canadians to increase their literacy on the cannabis plant,” said CEO and Founder of Leaf Guru, Cam Edwards when he spoke to Green Market Report, “Leaf Guru seeks to go back to the basics of cannabis and rebuild what we know about the plant and also to grow as we learn more about its benefits in the years to come. We are just starting to learn about cannabis and its over 100 cannabinoids. THC and CBD are just 2 of them. There will be many discoveries to come from this plant and it’s very exciting for Canada to be at the forefront of the exploration.

Leaf Guru, its founders, and its partners have no time or space for illegal markets that operate outside the laws set forth. While deemed highly restrictive, and at times exclusionary, Leaf Guru seeks to shift the public image of cannabis to a legal and permitted activity, recognizing legal cannabis as a privilege.

Leaf Guru is setting the bar high for partnership and sponsorship on their cannabis website platform, by only permitting cannabis retailers and producers that have been municipally and federally approved to be listed and featured.


“We want to be a place where folks interested in knowing about the upcoming cannabis industry in Canada can go and feel comfortable in knowing that what they are reading is accurate, true, and created within the context of the legal cannabis industry,” said Cam Edwards. “ Right now things are all over the map when it comes to what is legal and what isn’t and what will be available to purchase right away and in the coming years in the Canadian marketplace, and I think we have that covered.”

Edwards’ team of developers have been working for almost a year to build the infrastructure to hold the potential of Canada’s legal market and are committed to evolve as the industry grows.

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