NZ Company Licensed For High THC Cannabis Genetics

Higher levels of THC would make it more economical for growers

Hikurangi Cannabis was one of the first in the country to get a license for medicinal cannabis cultivation last year. Now, its managing director Manu Caddie said Ministry of Health officials had extended its license to allow for it to import stronger varieties.

He said they were the first in the country to get the green light to grow strains with high levels of THC, the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis. He also said this was more efficient for producers and allowed plant scientists to diversify genetics. “We are very pleased to receive this expanded list of cultivars for our research and breeding efforts.” Mr. Caddie said.

The new range of plants includes five varieties with high levels of THC, four high CBD, and seven additional low THC varieties. Until last month officials prevented the importing of high-THC cannabis seeds. “With a bit of work between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Primary Industries they looked at it and acknowledged there was no real scientific basis, the diseases are the same whether it’s a low-THC or high-THC strain. The important thing is that there’s these phytosanitary certificates from their country of origin which proves that the plants have been grown in disease free environments,” said Manu Caddie.

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