OCS Blames Canada Post For Lack Of Cannabis Deliveries

Many customers still haven’t received their orders

The Ontario Cannabis Store says it has shipped thousands of online orders to customers and the reason many haven’t recieved them yet is due to Canada Post.

OCS says in the first week of post-legalization, over 150,000 online orders were made. However, CityNews has been inundated with complaints from viewers about the delays in receiving their cannabis. In a statement released Sunday, OCS said while it has adequate product supply, the delays in shipping are “partially due to the mail and package backlog at Canada Post created by rotating work stoppages in the Greater Toronto Area.”

“With over 9,000 workers off the job last week, as well as Canada Post picking up a limited number of orders from OCS, delivery times have been impacted and many customers will continue to see delays,” the statement read. “OCS is working closely with Canada Post and distribution centre staff to ensure packages are moving as quickly as possible.”


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