PA’s Lt. Gov. Statewide Marijuana Listening Tour Starts Off Today

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman supports legalizing cannabis

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s statewide marijuana listening tour is starting in central Pennsylvania as he aims to take Pennsylvania’s pulse on whether to legalize the drug.

Fetterman’s scheduled to appear Monday evening at the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg and then Tuesday evening at the Newport Public Library in Perry County.

Gov. Tom Wolf says it’s important to explore the subject, now that states along Pennsylvania’s borders are moving toward legalizing cannabis.

Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Legislature has been hostile to the idea. Of the 10 states that legalized cannabis, nine did it through a voter-sponsored referendum, but Pennsylvania law allows no such direct access to the ballot.

Fetterman supports legalizing cannabis. Previously, Wolf had said Pennsylvania wasn’t ready. Pennsylvania is one of 40-plus states that legalized some form of medical cannabis.

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