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Marketing 101: Making Your Brand Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd and become a sought-after brand

With so many new products flooding the cannabis market these past few years, it’s more important than ever before to make sure your own brand stands out amongst the crowd. It’s imperative that your product establishes a brand identity as soon as possible to attract loyal customers, break into the business, and survive in the competitive legal cannabis industry.

Design Eye-Catching Packaging

By approaching your packaging from a creative yet functional angle, you can gain an advantage over your competition in the cannabis marketplace. Above all else, you must make sure your packaging is compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. After you’ve ensured you’re in the clear, focus on developing a package design that is practical, but attention-grabbing.  Be sure to communicate your brand’s identity in your design. Is your brand more science-focused and “serious”, or fun and amusing? Maybe your brand focuses on being “green”- why not choose to use recycled packaging to communicate that to more environmentally-minded customers? Clearly establishing your company’s identity helps you reach your target audience. This also helps increase the potential for closing new customers, because the packaging is often the first impression of your company that customers get when they’re shopping and unfamiliar with your brand. Use your brand’s identity to help drive your choices and decisions in regard to your color scheme, logo and graphics, signage, labeling, and overall aesthetic of your packaging. Pay attention to consistency in aesthetic. You want repeat customers to be able to quickly recognize your product on a cannabis retail store’s shelf. You can achieve this by sticking to similar or coordinated colors, a prominently displayed logo, and identical design elements between different products, such as the same font style and size.

Develop A Niche Product For Your Brand

As more jurisdictions legalize and regulate cannabis, doors are opening that allow cannabusinesses to be creative and innovative in the selection of products they offer. Developing new, never-before-seen products is a surefire way to make your brand stand out and become more well known. If you’re the only company selling a certain type of product on the market, customers have to come to you to purchase it. Marketing a niche product will help increase your brand’s visibility and sales in the legal cannabis marketplace. An example of a niche product would be high-end edibles or “smart” smoking accessories. One way to make premium and luxury products stand out is to use visually striking packaging to capture a buyer’s interest. If you have competitors who are charging less than you for the same type of product, the style of your packaging should immediately convey to the consumer why your luxury product is worth paying a higher price point for. One method for communicating that your product is well-worth paying for is to design the packaging to be made out of a unique material. Offering your product up for sale in a box made out of wood or a similar unconventional material translates to an immediate visual contrast between your brand and others. You can also experiment with different tactile printing techniques so that when customers touch or hold your product the packaging creates a variety of different, memorable textures.

Establish A Strong Social Media Presence

Most cannabis consumers and connoisseurs want to buy from a company that is well-established and has a professional presence in the industry. One way to quickly establish your brand’s professional identity is by creating social media accounts online for your company. Using similar design elements, such as pictures and logos, between different social media platforms ensures your web presence looks cohesive and well-planned. Designing a uniform look between your company’s social media, website, packaging and merchandise will make your cannabusiness appear more trustworthy in the eyes of customers, helping to increase your sales. Many people assume a better design and well-thought-out marketing campaign equates to a better product and experience. Quickly move to legitimize your brand so that customers will be more willing to purchase your products.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes less really is more. You don’t want your packaging to be so intricate or confusing that it discourages customers from wanting to take a look at it or hold it. Simplicity allows a cannabis consumer to immediately identify a product and how to open it after purchase. Child-resistant packaging regulations are becoming stricter for the industry over time, but there is a fine line between child-resistant and impossible to open by a grown adult. If a customer has a hard time getting into your brand’s product their first time using it, they’re less likely to become a return customer in order to save themselves some hassle. At the end of the day, don’t fall for the idea that using bright, loud colors and design elements will help your brand stand out in a good way. You want to inspire cannabis consumers to ask to see your product, not scare them away. Oftentimes, the simplest packaging actually stands out from the crowd.

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