Seed To Sale Software Firm Fights Back On Problems

MJ Freeway is fighting back, but still having troubles

MJ Freeway, the pioneering firm that creates “seed-to-sale” tracking and business software for the cannabis industry is still having troubles. The latest problem: a missed deadline on a big project in Washington state. This follows multiple data breaches this year, and service outages in January and October that affected shops and a dropped contract in Nevada. More than 1,000 retail locations in 16 states and Washington D.C. were reportedly affected by the most recent outages in October and were taken off-line to address issues.

What it means for retail: The marijuana industry is growing and the software that is needed to track it is big business. MJ Freeway is having lots of issues in many states, and it won’t be long till competitors start coming for its business. Millions of dollars depend on software working correctly, and if the mistakes by MJ Freeway continue, they won’t be along for long.

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