US Attorney For Oregon Announced He Will Enforce Federal Cannabis Prohibition

Overproduction led US Attorney Billy Williams to make the statement

The US Attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, has announced that his office will now actively enforce the federal ban on cannabis within the state. This marks the first cannabis enforcement policy put forward by a US Attorney since the Cole memo was rescinded in January. But while Williams office will now see more cannabis-related cases, priority will be placed on those violate federal trafficking laws as well as the state’s regulations.

After scrapping the Obama era-protections, which prevented the Department of Justice (DOJ) from enforcing the federal marijuana ban against legally operating cannabis businesses, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he would leave the enforcement of the ban to local US Attorneys.

The decision initially caused panic as states which had legalized marijuana feared a federal crackdown. But as time went by and US Attorney’s around the country indicated that it would be business as usual fears of a DOJ involvement subsided.


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