Utah Voters Approve Medical Marijuana

One of the nation’s most conservative states just legalize medical marijuana

With roughly 60 percent of precincts reporting on Tuesday night, Salt Lake City’s local Fox affiliate projected that Utah’s medical cannabis ballot measure was approved.

Regardless of the result, however, legal medical marijuana in the state was a near certainty after both proponents and opponents of the ballot initiative came together last month in support of a plan to enact compromise legislation allowing patients to use cannabis.

Approval of the question by voters, however, should give a boost to efforts by legalization supporters to hold lawmakers and Gov. Gary Herbert (R) to follow through on their pledge to enact patient access in a special legislative session before the end of the year.

“The passage of Proposition 2 illustrates just how broad support has grown for medical marijuana in the U.S.,” Matthew Schweich, deputy director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), said. “Even in socially conservative states like Utah, most voters recognize marijuana has significant medical value, and they believe it should be available to patients who could benefit from it.”


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