Vape And Play Becomes The Third Denver Business To Apply For A Social Consumption License

Vape and Play will be focused on having smoker friendly entertainment

Out of 9,000 eligible businesses, a third business, Vape and Play, has applied for the Designated Consumption Area (DCA) license. Although the business is still going through the application process, the Department of Excise and Licenses does not see any obvious issues standing in their path like the proximity issues that have kept the second applicant, Utopia, from opening. The DCA license allows businesses to have controlled consumption of marijuana on site, with certain stipulations like cannabis must be vaporized, not burned  in joints, and establishments must be a certain distance away from places like child care and rehab facilities.

Unlike The Coffee Joint, the only establishment currently holding a license, Vape and Play will be focused on having smoker friendly entertainment like board games, concerts and comedy shows in their venue, according to co-founder, Taylor Rosean.

He says their business will be set up with special events in mind as well as open space for things like parties or a yoga class. The shop will be located at 1753 South Broadway, in a former car shop on a strip that has come to be known as the green mile due to the concentration of dispensaries in the area. Rosean, says they’ve received a letter of support from their local RNO, The Overland Park Neighborhood Association.


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