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Why Your Web Presence Is As Important As Your In-Store Experience

In the digital era, it’s completely necessaryto have a web presence

In the digital era, it’s completely necessary that all companies and businesses have a web presence alongside their in-store efforts to engage their customer; the cannabis industry is no different. With a growing industry, the web presence of cannabis dispensaries across the country are becoming as sleek and sophisticated as in-store design. Here’s why your marijuana retail web presence is just as important as your in-store experience:


First Impressions are Set Online

It takes about 2.6 seconds or less for a prospective customer to make a judgment on your website, and thus, your cannabis business. Use these 2.6 seconds wisely by ensuring your web design not only matches but shines your business in the very best light as the advanced, well-designed cannabis dispensary you are. Your website, as well as your other associated web presence like social media, is what can make or break a customer coming through your door. In the digital age, consumers take a “buyer beware” approach and usually want to check out what they’re getting into long before they will make a purchase. Chances are, especially for new cannabis users, they’ll put your marijuana retail dispensary’s name into a web search and will check out what you have to offer digitally before making the decision to visit you in person.


Shows Your Compliance

Retail sites that sell cannabis products must have users demonstrate proof of age before entering the site. This is a first step in showing your dedication and responsibility towards the compliance regulations in your state. Use your website to demonstrate the other ways you’re leading the way in best practices for compliance in your state by having a thoughtful FAQ section demonstrating purchase limits and social use regulations. You can also engage in a thoughtful cannabis education program online.


Aids in Cannabis Education


As Marijuana Retail Report has demonstrated in so many of our posts, cannabis education is key to compliance and most of all the promotion of safe cannabis consumption.  Dispensaries are beginning to get very creative with the ways they’re integrating cannabis education into their websites, which will help ensure an informed consumer or medical marijuana patient. It also adds to the in-store resources you have available for your customer when you use features like display screens or digital menus to integrate what you have online with what you have in store. Think outside the box in the interactive ways you can offer you cannabis education programs so that they reach all your audiences with intentional learning outcomes and formats for all learning styles.


Your Blogs Get You Attention

If you want to be a dispensary that exceeds industry standards in cannabis education and creating effective content, ensure you have a secure and forward-thinking content strategy.Blogging and adding to the knowledge base on cannabis in a thoughtful way will help set you apart in the field as an expert. Not only will your customers to your dispensary be able to access an awesome customer experience in-store, but they’ll also have engaging content to look forward to from you online. It helps bridge the gap between what they experience in store with you and your staff by connecting the cannabis purchasing experience with how it can be used at home and in everyday life.


Social Media Matters

If your cannabis dispensary is not on social media, you’re losing opportunities to gain followers and customers in your store. Although there are very tight restrictions on how cannabis brands and dispensaries can advertise online, there are effective ways you can engage your customer on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Being active on social media isn’t about scheduling a post or retweeting something every once in a while. To gain an online social following, your social media strategy should be a balance between original content, sharing of thoughtful news, and items that engage, but not sell your customer on cannabis. Use social media as a way to stand out from some of the cannabis companies who are making the cannabis purchase experience look cheap – we’ve all seen very bad ads for cannabis sales, with no cannabis photography and lack of effective graphic design. Use your social media to help your dispensary stand out from the rest.


Take Your Web Presence Seriously


Your website is a key to representing your business for the advanced, professional, well-designed, rocking at cannabis education dispensary that it is. If your cannabis dispensary attempts to do a DIY website, you likely won’t hit the mark. This is where you want to ensure you’re accessing some of the many cannabis service providers who provide advanced web design and graphic design services. Be prepared to make a significant initial and ongoing support investment and budget for adequate content development and web development. Don’t make it a one-time deal. With effective technical support, you’ll have extra protection to ensure your website never experiences a crash or a threat to its server or cybersecurity. 


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