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Your Weekly Recap: BCC Enforcement Actions Across California

We bring to you the top five articles from the past week

Good morning MRR readers! We hope you had a fantastic weekend, let’s get you caught up on the top stories from the past week so that you are in the know.

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Power Farms Raided In Santa Barbara County California After Lying On Application

On January 31, 2019, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Cannabis Compliance Team concluded a four-month investigation into a local cannabis cultivator, operating under the name of Power Farms LLC, which is located just outside the City of Carpinteria. During this investigation, which spanned two counties and involved three separate search warrants, Detectives discovered one of the owners, whose name is being withheld due to the ongoing investigation, had provided false information during the county cannabis application process and was failing to follow proper shipping and manifest procedures. The owners’s Los Angeles County home, was served with a search warrant. There, Detectives seized several unregistered firearms, two which were reported stolen, as well as approximately 60 pounds of processed and packaged marijuana taken from Power Farms. They also seized thousands of dollars in cash and other items of evidence.

This investigation culminated in the voluntary surrender of the owner’s state temporary cannabis license, which resulted in detectives from the Cannabis Compliance Team, Special Investigations Bureau, District Attorney’s Office, and Game Wardens from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, eradicating and removing illegal cannabis from Power Farms as they no longer had a valid state permit to cultivate or possess commercial cannabis. Approximately 22,420 cannabis plants were eradicated from three separate green houses and approximately 1,420 pounds of dried / drying cannabis were seized.

The Santa Barbara County Cannabis Compliance Team was founded in June of 2018 and consists of personnel from many disciplines within a variety of county departments. The team primarily focuses on unlicensed and illegal cannabis operations within the county and the safety of the public. 

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California’s Bureau Of Cannabis Control Raids 2 Unlicensed Dispensaries

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) and the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation-Cannabis Enforcement Unit (DOI-CEU) today announced enforcement action on two unlicensed cannabis businesses operating in Sacramento County and Los Angeles.

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, DOI-CEU served a search warrant on “Nollie Green-Blu Solutions,” an unlicensed cannabis delivery service located at 7529 Sunset Ave. in Fair Oaks. The investigation was conducted based upon a complaint received by the Bureau. The search warrant resulted in the seizure of over $250,000 of cannabis and cannabis products.


DOI-CEU also assisted the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) with serving a separate search warrant on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, on “Smoking Aces,” an unlicensed cannabis retailer located at 1411 S. Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. The operation resulted in the seizure of $27,637 in cannabis products. Two firearms were seized at the scene and six suspects were arrested under LAPD’s warrant.

All commercial cannabis activity in California requires a state-issued license from one of the state’s three cannabis licensing authorities. Selling cannabis goods without a state license is a violation of state law. 

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NYC Bans CBD Derived Foods

New York City’s health department has ordered restaurants to stop selling foods and drinks containing CBD, a compound found in cannabis plants.

New York is the first big city to enforce the federal government’s ruling that the cannabidiol — as CBD is scientifically called — should not be added to foods. And health officials started to crack down on New York food establishments last month, saying it has not been approved as a safe product for consumers.

In New York’s Fat Cat Kitchen, CBD-infused offerings have been the top-selling items, mixed into brownies, marshmallows, honey and coffee.

Until CBD is deemed safe as a food additive, the department is ordering eateries not to offer products containing the derivative.


“Restaurants in New York City are not permitted to add anything to food or drink that is not approved as safe to eat. The Health Department takes seriously its responsibility to protect New Yorkers’ health,” the department said in a statement.

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Under New Bill, States Would Get Free Hand Towards Cannabis

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden proposed legislation Friday that would give states a free hand to allow legal cannabis markets without the threat of federal criminal intervention, the latest push in Congress to bolster the nation’s burgeoning pot industry.

The proposal, identical to a bill in the House, aims to ease the longstanding conflict between states where cannabis is legal in some form and the U.S. government, which categorizes marijuana as a dangerous illegal drug, similar to LSD or heroin.

“The federal prohibition of marijuana is wrong, plain and simple,” Wyden, a Democrat, said in a statement. “Too many lives have been wasted, and too many economic opportunities have been missed.”

It remains unclear if Wyden’s bill would have a chance of clearing the Republican-controlled Senate.

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First Bill Emerges To Legalize Recreational Cannabis In Illinois

A democratic state lawmaker has filed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis in Illinois that likely goes further than other legislators prefer, but it has officially started the debate over complex legislation that will need to serve many interests.


The bill, introduced Jan. 25 by Rep. Carol Ammons of Urbana, would allow licensed businesses to grow and sell pot, and residents to grow up to 24 plants at home.

The measure is unlikely to pass because lawmakers are expected to act on a more restrictive proposal that’s been in the works for more than a year.

Among the more noteworthy provisions, Ammons’ bill would allow for the creation of on-site consumption areas for customers to smoke or swallow the drug.

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