Your Weekly Recap – California Begins Its Crackdown On Illegal Businesses & Cannabis Concentrate Storage Tips

The top stories from the past week

We’ve seen another intense week in the cannabis industry. California finally took it’s first steps in powering up it’s legal muscle against the black market shops that have been plaguing the industry since it’s inception. We also released our April Special Report which is a comprehensive guide to some of the biggest misconceptions in legal, compliance, and other issues surrounding the cannabis industry. John Boehner also joined the board of Acreage Holdings which is a monumental shift from his conservative roots helping lend authenticity to the cannabis industry in the eyes of the political elite.




April Special Report – Legal Issues in the Cannabis Industry





California Regulators Send Cease Order To 954 Businesses





Former US House Speaker John Boehner’s Reversal ‘Monumental’ For Marijuana Industry




How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates




Cannabis Benchmarks – Wholesale Price Index



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