Your Weekly Recap: The Swift Death Of Sweet Leaf In Denver

Here are the top 5 stories of the past week

Hello MRR family and welcome to this weeks recap giving you, the on the go entrepreneur, a chance to get caught up with the 5 top cannabis stories from across the globe. By far the biggest story was that of Sweet Leaf, the once notorious multi-dispensary chain from Colorado accused of creating an elaborate looping scheme has finally been fully and permanently shut down within the city of Denver. In all, eighteen budtenders were arrested with none of the company’s ownership or management charged as of yet. In California, black market cannabis appears to still be a serious problem, especially in the Los Angeles region. With black market dispensaries not charging sales tax, they are seriously harming legal businesses in the area. While the city has been cracking down, most recently with more than 140 arrests in Los Angeles in May and several arrests last month in San Diego, some say its nowhere near enough to actually make a dent on the problem. The Senate committee just made one of the most startling quotes on cannabis in a LONG time, advocating more research must be done on the plant and that Schedule I titling makes that all but impossible. This admission could be the first step in a long process of finally getting the discussion going on rescheduling cannabis.  Maine Gov Paul LePage was back in the news again, the staunch anti-cannabis crusader vetoed an expansion bill for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program. Thankfully, after that story ran lawmakers overrode his veto allowing the bill to pass into law. California also has some vulnerabilities in the place where it can hurt the most, your data. Take a look at data security in this comprehensive article written by the team over at Wilson Elser, one of the largest cannabis law firms in the country.




Sweet Leaf Officially Ceases To Exist In Denver




Black Market Cannabis Still Thrives In Los Angeles





The Must-See Quote From The Senate On Marijuana’s Scheduling




Maine Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Bill




California Cannabis Data Security Vulnerabilities


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