Your Weekly Recap – TreatWell’s CEO In Hot Water & Heavy Discounts Reported In California

Here are the top 5 stories of the past week

It’s been a bit of a rough start to the week for TreatWell’s CEO Alison Ettel, as she has been under fire for her alleged treatment of a young girl selling water outside of Giants stadium. We have been reached out to by a PR firm that supposedly works for TreatWell and Alison, so we will make any information live from her that she puts out. We have also seen a deep discount craze going on in a lot of retailers in California as they prepare for July 1st regulation rollouts. New York’s AG’s statements and Governor’s race has been putting everyone in the Empire State on green alert as it appears that NY may become the next state to legalize recreational cannabis. We also showed you how Canada will differ in their cannabis rollout than American states and we kept you up to date with the weekly Price Index by our friends at Cannabis Benchmarks. Here are those top 5 stories from the past week that will get you caught up.




Alison Ettel Of TreatWell Health Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons




California Cannabis Retailers Discounting Marijuana Before July 1 Regulation Deadline





Could This State Be The Next To Legalize Marijuana?




Legal Marijuana Will Roll Out Differently In Canada Than In US




Cannabis Benchmarks – Wholesale Price Index For The Week Of June 25th


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